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Wild Tusker


Natura MRRC trust.



To establish and run Study and Research centers, Schools, Colleges, vocational and Technical training, Evening Colleges, Weekend Colleges (courses), workshops, awareness programmes and daily, weekly, monthly, yearly training classes etc. for the benefit of general public.
To conduct Tours, Travel, Trekking, Visits to any place in india.
To conduct or assist to conduct study Life style of Mahut’s and Kawadi’s of Sakrebyle Elephent Camp.
To conduct or assist to conduct Econocmical and Social study of Sakrebyl village.
To conduct or assist to conduct study and research of Elephents.
To publish or assist to publish books of Experience of Mahut and Kawadis of Sakrebyle Elephent Camp.


To promote or assist in promoting the understanding of Eco - Tourism.

To establish schools, colleges, training centers, camps to promote or to assist to promote Eco - tourism.

To establish schools, colleges, training centers, camps, Home Stays to promote or to assist to promote Hotel Management regarding Eco- tourism. 


To establish and run Pre-primary, Primary, Higher primary and High Schools, Colleges, vocational and Technical training and Evening Colleges, Weekend Colleges (courses) for the benefit of general public.

To establish and run library at rural areas to spread knowledge.

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To establish and run Schools, Colleges, Camps, Training programmes, vocational and Technical training and Evening Colleges, Weekend Colleges (courses) for cultural training Fine arts, Dramatic Courses and etc.

To conduct Cultural Program of Drama, Dance, Music, Painting, Film, Literature etc. anywhere in India 

Sakrebailu Elephant Training School

Sakrebailu elepahant training camp is one of the exclusive and oldest training school to tame and train the wild elephants. Any wild elephant that was brought here would be tamed by the experienced trainers –mahouts and Kavadis’ . Being a major elephant camp at the state level, teachers of elephants both Mahouts and Kavadis’ role significant in making it as a noted tourist spot in the state.

        Shivamogga district is unique district in many ways with its rich flora and fauna. It has five reserve forest areas considered as the lone district with highest green cover in the state. It has vibrant bio-diversity paradise Agumbe and Bhadra Tiger Reserve makes it special while major backwater areas of Sharavathi and Bhadra rivers.

        With graduation in Botany and Zoology and work experience of more than 16 years in media/journalism working in the district has enriched my knowledge about forest, rivers, reserve forests, wild life and bio diversity places and its uniqueness.
        Right from my childhood days I grown up in the vicinity of forest as my father served in forest department in different capacities at different places.
        The immense interest and curiosity about wild life formulated me into a wild life reporter too.
        The work of Mahouts and Kavadis' always fascinated and interested for me on the aspect of how these laymen tame and train the wild elephants at Sakrebailu camp. In this present era of science and technology, these mahouts and Kavadis' following the traditional methods taming wild elephants from many decades. This job poses a great threat, challenge and skills for these laymen who tames wile elephants understanding the behaviour of these big animals.
        Pledging their lives, mahouts and Kavadis' nutures these tamed elephants throughout their service.
The department authorities and veterinary doctor extending their constructive support and cooperation to these staff.
        We have registered a trust by name "Natura - Malnad Rainforest - Wild Life Study and Research Centre (R)  (Natura MRRC trust) with an objective to record the experience of Mahouts and Kavadis' and publish it in the form of a book.
        A website has already launched under the banner of Nechara MRRS Trust and it comprises of life and reports of wild elephants of Sakrebailu camp. It also have video's of how the wild tuskers being tamed including weaning of elephants.
        In the coming days, trust also plans to honour the mahouts and Kavadis' who have contributed significantly in taming and nurturing wild elephants from time to time.

Expecting cooperation from all,